Which Netflix unblocker is more secure?

Today, there are so many VPNs that claim they can unblock Netflix. But, which one should you choose?

There are many factors to consider when analyzing a VPN; including speed, security and customer service. When it comes to choosing a VPN it’s difficult to pick the right one according to the list of features and statistics. However, the most important feature of a VPN is its security.

A VPN is just as good as its ability to keep you and your data safe. Your VPN should protect your information with the highest level of encryption.

Different Methods

As you may already know, Netflix detects and blocks VPNs regularly so many of them stop working after a while. It shows that finding a good VPN that works with Netflix could be quite difficult. That’s why we are going to compare some working VPNs for you to decide which one is the best. Let’s take a look:

  • Smart DNS:

This is the worst possible option. It is not at all safe and although its speed is said to be very good it can not guarantee your security. Netflix is using a standard protocol called SSL to keep your connection to Netflix servers secure. What smart DNSs do is introduce a fake certificate to your system instead of Netflix certificate and the coded information goes to them first, then codes again with Netflix certificate and sends it to Netflix. This means your DNS provider has access to all your information. Now, imagine that you have set your DNS on your device and log into your bank account. This could be a great disaster.
We highly recommend not to use non-secure DNSs. Always remember this as an important security point.2. Desktop VPN applications:

  • Desktop VPN applications:

At first glance, they may seem very safe and in fact, in many cases they are. But, let us remember that when we install software on our operating system that has network access, it means that we let that software to collect a lot of information. However, today, new operating systems like Windows 10 and Mac OS Catalina have limited their access and ask your permission for any kind of access, but in case you use the earlier versions of operating systems, make sure to choose your VPN carefully.

VPNs that use OpenVPN, IPSec or WireGuard protocols are highly secure and you can use them safely. Remember that when you are installing a VPN, if it asks your permission to install a fake certificate do not allow it and decline installing that software. Today, finding a secure VPN is not difficult. There are so many VPNs that have a high level of security.

The only problem with these kinds of VPNs is that they tunnel the whole internet traffic and this will cause speed loss. Also, in some cases like streaming Netflix, logging into your bank account or shopping from Amazon or eBay, there will be a problem.

  • Chrome extensions:

The good point about these VPNs is that they only tunnel the traffic that goes through Google Chrome. Enabling and disabling them is very easy, and if you are using the latest updates of Google Chrome, you can be sure they are highly secure.

Of course, it is hard to figure out whether the extension is using HTTP or HTTPS but, we must remember that HTTPS and SOCKS5 have high security among available options. Another good point about these extensions is that you can allow their access to any part you’d like and the more important thing is that some extensions like Wachee only work for specific websites and that makes you not to worry about speed or security because you are sure it doesn’t work on other websites.

  • Mobile applications:

Nowadays mobile operating systems block so many accesses and it is not like earlier that a VPN application could extract all of a user’s information. Today, VPNs that want to access your information should ask your permission to do so and even in Android 5 and above and iOS 10 and above, you should allow the application to access your network activity. However, today, only some VPNs want this access for your free users so they can make money from your data. In general, it can be said that most of the mobile applications have good security and Google/Apple policies restrict them but, always remember to download VPN applications from the original stores and never get APK files from various websites.
The biggest problem with these apps is that they tunnel all your internet traffic through a VPN server and if you only want to use a VPN for Netflix, all your traffic will go through it. In such cases, we recommend you Wachee VPN that has a very complicated protocol and tunnels only specific streaming services traffic like Netflix and doesn’t affect your whole connection. This benefits you in terms of security and speed.

Needed Information

Now, let’s take a look at what information Wachee needs in order to give you access to US Netflix.

Wachee does not collect any personal or sensitive information, but, in order to be able to separate accounts from each other and provide a better experience Wachee collects these types of information:

  • Account-Related Information

This information is collected for the purpose of administering your Wachee subscription and includes your email address, and payment information which you submit on the registration page, order page, or when you subscribe for the services.

  • Aggregate summary statistics

Wachee collects minimal usage information in order to retain outstanding customer support and quality of service which does not include anything about individual user surfing content or destinations of traffic. We guarantee that we never log browsing history, traffic destination, data content or DNS queries.
Download Wachee and enjoy streaming without restriction or censorship. Wachee is fast, stable and secure.

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