How watching movies can reduce stress

Psychologists have proved that the state of mind affects one’s state of health and there are so many researches that prove long-term stress can weaken our immune system. The outbreak of an infectious disease like COVID-19 can be stressful for many of us. Therefore, we need to learn how to cope with stress to make our immune system stronger. As we mentioned in our last article, one of the things you can do during the Coronavirus lockdown is watching movies and TV shows. Now, In this article, we want to discuss the effect of watching movies on reducing stress.

We all know that when we are feeling stressed, things like exercise or meditation can help to relieve our stress. But, what if sometimes you find yourself more likely to do something different? For example, watching movies? Does that help too? Luckily, the answer is yes. Movies affect your body and brain in several ways you may not be able to discover.

Relieve stress

When you watch a movie, it relaxes your mind because you don’t have to think about anything else while watching. Watching movies also reduces stress hormones (like Cortisol) that are linked with a number of health issues (of course, it doesn’t include horror movies!)

Take you to another world

Stories offer us different perspectives and transport us to another world. And movies are based on stories. Some movies are futuristic and others are set in the past. They both make us feel we are living in a different world and give us a break from whatever is currently bothering us.

Encourage your creativity

Some movies encourage your creativity and help you solve your problems. They can help you figure out a situation in your life. Science fiction movies exercise a part of the brain involved in empathy and imagination and make you have stronger social skills.

Wachee helps you find your favorite movies or TV shows and just sit down, relax, and enjoy watching. Doing this will reduce your tension and take a break from thinking about all the stressful things about the Coronavirus pandemic.

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