What our users say about their experience with Wachee (Part 3)

Proxy Error

Until a few weeks ago everything was fine and I didn’t have any problem with Netflix, but then suddenly Netflix stopped working. My internet connection was just fine but Netflix said that I was using an unblocker or proxy which I was not! I tried it on a few devices on my network and the result was the same. Everything in the IP/DNS configuration was automatic and I had no idea what to do next. I even contacted Netflix support telling them about my problem but they just said the error code I was seeing is consistent with using a proxy/VPN! 

Then I thought, what if a VPN could actually help? I wanted to test a VPN to see if it works in my situation and I found Wachee VPN which is exclusively made for streaming and YES! It did fix my problem so I bought the monthly subscription and from that day on I’ve never faced any Netflix proxy error again.

Watching Game Of Thrones

The only reason I subscribed to Netflix was to be able to watch all episodes of Game of Thrones. I didn’t even think that it might not be available on Netflix but unfortunately, it was not!

I already knew that Game of Thrones is available on Hulu but I didn’t know that I could access Hulu in the UK until a friend told me that he does this by using a VPN. He recommended Wachee VPN, saying it was the only VPN that actually worked with Hulu. I saw that its price is also good compared to other VPNs (since I’d already spent a lot of money on Netflix and Hulu subscription, I didn’t want to spend much for a VPN) so I installed Wachee and it was really great! Finally, I could watch all the episodes of GOT thanks to Wachee.

Wachee, An Exclusive VPN For Streaming

I live in Canada and since there is a big difference between the US Netflix and Canadian Netflix, I use VPNs to be able to access both libraries (and that’s the only reason I use VPNs). But unfortunately, recently I’ve faced some difficulty with using my bank account and since I usually forget to turn off my VPN after watching movies, I guessed that these problems might be because of that; And in fact, it was. My bank said: VPN use often triggers our automated high-risk login protocols which lead to temporary account restrictions. To avoid such problems, I thought it would be better to use a VPN that is exclusive for Netflix and I found Wachee. It’s a great VPN that works exclusively for streaming and the best solution for people who have the same problem as me.

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