What our users say about their experience with Wachee (Part 1)

Watch your favorite movies while traveling

Laura from the US: Last month I had a business trip to Turkey. One night at the hotel I wanted to watch an episode of Parks and Recreation on Netflix and I was totally disappointed to see that I don’t have access to it in Turkey! One of my friends told me that I should use a VPN and she suggested Wachee. So I downloaded it and it was great! I could watch my fav movies with Wachee!

Watch Netflix in your office

Dave from a trading company: I used to watch Netflix during lunchtime or coffee break and since I have a stressful job, it helped me feel less stressed and more productive for the rest of the day. But recently, our network administrator has blocked Netflix because our employer believes that this might be a distraction from our tasks! I tried to bypass this restriction using VPNs but none of them seemed to work properly! Then I saw an ad on Facebook about Wachee and decided to try it too. I bought the weekly subscription and was so satisfied with the service that I extended it to a yearly plan. Now thanks to Wachee, I don’t have any problem streaming Netflix at work!

Unblock US Netflix at school

Alex from the USA: I am Alex and I’m in the second grade of high school. In between lessons I’d like to surf on the internet whether for socializing with friends or keeping up with the latest episodes of a great series on Netflix. I think there is nothing wrong with doing that between my classes and it helps me get rid of the tension and tiredness of being focused all the time. But the network administrator of our school has blocked Netflix and other streaming services. We need to use a VPN to stream Netflix but not many VPNs work on it. I have tried so many VPNs and most of them stop working after a while. Recently I found Wachee and it works perfectly for unblocking and streaming US Netflix. I recommended it to all of my friends and they are using it too.

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