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Best Movies on Netflix Canada Right Now

It is sometimes true that the larger the options you have to choose from, the harder it is to choose. So, here we are again with another list of the most recent popular movies, this time on Canadian Netflix.

Best movies on US Netflix April 2021

The US library of Netflix is the largest one with thousands of titles to choose from. Although this variety gives you a better chance of finding your desired content, it also makes this process of searching for films longer and more complicated.

The most popular locations of Netflix

Netflix is available in most countries with thousands of movies and series, but as you probably know, the available titles differ by country. This is the main reason why Netflix members tend to use VPNs.

The most popular movies on Netflix in 2021

There are thousands of movies and TV shows available on Netflix that make it difficult to choose what to watch. That’s why we have decided to provide you a list of the most popular movies on Netflix.